Booking and Order Taking

In our company you will get your money’s worth since we have our Customer Service Representative that are on site 24/7 ready to take your customers’ call and assist them in placing an order or booking an appointment for them.

Our service for both order taking and booking an appointment allows your customer to have the flexibility to place it anytime and anywhere across the country, your company will be free of the burden and expense of managing and paying your staff to handle the booking and taking an order entry on a 24-hour basis.

Our company is highly qualified for the services that you want to get from us. We are here to deliver the best services that our company has to offer. Lesser price but with the best service that we can offer.

Typically, in an order taking process there are various objectives:

  1. Catching it right the first time.
  2. Lessen delays.
  3. Collect root cause data for cause of delays.
  4. Trim total rework cause over specific periods.

If you are interested you can avail for our free quotation or contact us. Contact details are below.