Call Center Training Assistance

Call Center Training Assistance


Call center companies are spending more money, resolution and time into the development of training curriculums so that their call center agents will be well prepared to meet the growing expectations of their customers. According to gathered researches, newly-hired call center agents normally receive 15 days of introductory training. If your training obligation fails shy of 15day mark, it might be time to take a long hard look at your teaching curriculum and whether or not your agents are adequately trained to meet the needs of your customers when they hit the phones.

Our Team uses this training steps to provide your agents higher assurance to meet your customer’s demands:

  • Present the Team – Kick-off training with an introduction (live or video) from the call center, department heads, managing director and agent supervisors. Inspire them to introduce their role on the team as well as how the agents can contact them. This will support agents to put a face to a name and give them a lifeline when needed.
  • Educate your New Agents about your Company – Your new hires should have an encyclopedic knowledge of your call center operations, business and products. They should also be equipped with information about company culture, core values and vision, mission and understand their role in fulfilling business goals with this understanding, your agents will be more groomed to connect with customers in a demeanor that is steady with your business values.
  • Explain the Significance of Schedule Adherence – Most new hires have no idea how schedule adherence impacts the call center. Make it clear that your agents are in the know by having someone from Workforce Management explain the impact that schedule adherence has on Key Performance Indicators like service level. It would also be convenient to give new hires information on which KPI’s managers will evaluate, how these will be tied to performance assessments as well as realistic tips on how to hit their KPI benchmarks. Doing so will develop your new hires to be mindful of these KPI’s and adjust their approach to interacting with customers accordingly.
  • Bring Top-Performing Agents to Training – Encourage your top agents to trainings and give rational tips on how to be a top player. This will set the bar high for new hires and intensify their intuitiveness into how to effectively attain their job.
  • Explain their Role in Establishing Customer Relationships – An excellent way to enhance agent interest to provide outstanding service is to help them appreciate the role they play in building customer relationships. Educate them on customer lifetime values as well as the expense of a bad interaction. Allow them know how the quality of the service they serve impacts customer retention, conversion and loyalty. Once they have this compassion, they will be more motivated to give top-notch service.
  • Teach Agents Call Handling Best Practices – New agents should be provided examples of suitable greetings, transfer techniques and how to end a conversation. Allow them to listen to recordings and also furnish them with scripts. Energize them to practice with each other until these turn into natural.
  • Teach Agents Call Center Convention Excellence – When your agents have a detailed understanding of what not to say and what to say, they will be more qualified to provide supreme service. Achieve this by teaching them of convention ground rule.
  • Cultivate them about Their Eagerness Effect – Their forthcoming goal (apart from providing amazing service of course) might be to enhance sales, resolve a customer’s issue on first interaction or resolve the customer’s concern as quickly as possible. Whatever the objective, agents should know it and know how to accomplish it.
  • Show Agents how to Discover Answers to their Questions – Develop new hires how to use it. Have a technical support department, coach agents how to conference them into a call. Have managers that are accessible to jump into a live call. Explain agents who to ask for their assistance. Trainees will inevitably come across questions that they don’t know how to respond. Show them where to look and who to ask to help them resolve the concerns.
  • Train your Agents Personally – According to The Global Call Center Report the time to proficiency can differ depending on the following reasons:
  1. The educational balance of newly hired call center agents.
  2. The intricacy of the product or service.
  3. Training agreement.
  4. Management approaches.

Keep this innovation in mind with training agents, keep your eye out for information or knowledge breach and do your best to transform your approach to training in an effort to fill them.

  • Make sure Preparation is Hand-on-Hand and Useful – Agents often learn best by doing, team up your agents and have them perform common call sequences. Let them get their hands dirty playing with your product. Give them sufficient hands-on time to acquire information on your call center software. These hands-on training experiences are fundamental to cultivating a competent work force.
  • Use Videos in your Program – Videos are great way to involve your agent trainees. This will develop them during their program and will help them on their tasks.
  • Provide Call Recordings that Establish a Specific Point – One of the best ways for call center agents to master how to interact with the customers is to hear recordings form earlier calls. Pick recordings that will help you establish a particular point (ex. How to handle an angry customer? What to say if you don’t know the answer to their inquiry? How to give a customer rebate? Etc.) allowing your new hires hear for themselves how more experienced agents interact with callers will give them a superior understanding on how they should too.
  • Constantly Rate their Development – Throughout the training program, frequently monitor agent performance and support them with timely feedback. New hires should know precisely what is and what is not working so that they can accustomed their approach accordingly.
  • Training is Endless – According to The Global Call Center Report, experienced call center agents receive an average of six training days per year. Make sure agents keep their performance high by constantly administering refresher courses, training on new products or software and training to enhance their professional development. As customer expectations for service escalations, it is on call center managers and executives to educate agents to impressively meet their customer’s needs.

Following the aforementioned, these steps will help you enhance your training curriculum so your center agents can contribute amazing services.

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