Maintaining work-life balance is very important in BPO industry. If you’re working in a call center whose work schedule depends on the time zone of another country, especially in the US, it’s really stressful. When your schedule has shifted, sooner or later, you will begin to miss out on a lot of things. Most agents miss a lot of night outs with friends and special gatherings with families.

Supporting your employees maintain their work-life balance isn’t just something you do just for them – but is essential to the health of your company.

High level of workloads may result in burnout and it has a major impact on productivity:

  • Employees are more likely to get sick due to overwork and stress and even high absentee rates
  • A lack of work/life balance affects employee’s mood due to lack of sleep and stress resulting to less efficient production
  • Stressed out employee develops a cynical attitude and given up on trying

You don’t have to miss those parties and events. There are many simple ways you can regain your work-life balance and resume spending quality time with friends and relatives and even your office mates.

Here are some tips on how to balance your work and life as a call center agent


Every employee must know how to manage their time and plan to organize time for the activities. Give time to yourself or to your friends and relatives and make sure to leave all works at the office and not bring them at home.

Have enough time to sleep to become more efficient and focus on things that you do. Better time management will result in less stress and it’s a greater opportunity to reach career goals.


Give your employees time off for special occasions. Consider giving them time off on their birthdays, holidays or other special occasions if you can afford it because comp time is distributed fairly, meaning it should benefit all of your employees.


If you want changes in your routine, don’t do it all at once. Take it slow instead. Like for example, if you used to go to the gym after waking up in the morning, slowly start doing it at your new wake-up time. You could become unhealthy or sick if you suddenly stop exercising or exercise as much as usual before work.

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In LeadersCom BPO Solutions, we make time management, restructuring, keeping to a routine, stress reliever and recharging are important and necessary for call center workers to maintain their work-life balance.

Working in the call center industry does not mean changing your way of living. We just have to know how to manage our time and priorities. Communication is very important to your friends and family. Try spending time with yourself or what we called “me time” while enjoying your job.

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