Maria Karen Elaine Cruz

CEO / Founder

When I first started working in the BPO industry back in 2002, starting from the bottom rank, I told myself that I will someday learn the trade. Through the years I slowly learn the in and outs of the business as I go up the organizational chart. I went through different trainings, but I managed to learn the majority through self help.

For my people:

"Easy" is a word far from describing how I achieved what I have achieved today. That's why my main focus now is to help people achieve their dreams faster by teaching them the secrets of the trade. Thinking hopefully someday, that person will be who I am right now and be able to help people the way I did today.

To my dear clients:

Same logic is applied to my clients. I listen carefully to their needs so I am able to apply the tricks and techniques that I know and have tested in order to achieve great results at the soonest possible time. My aim is to help clients reach great success, which I believe will result to a long term business relationship that will give us both a win-win situation.

Sincerely yours,